Consentry. Simple, GDPR-compliant cookie consent management.


The first step in building a long-lasting relationship with your customers is building trust. Loading hundreds of tracking cookies on your website as soon as they visit gets you off to the wrong start. In fact, in some regions, such as countries governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), doing so is illegal.

Consentry helps you build a trusting relationship with your customers by allowing them to control the types of data that you collect, and with whom you share that data. It installs in minutes, and automatically stays up to date as you add and remove services.

What is Consentry?

Consentry is a cookie and data storage consent platform that helps build trust with your users, and helps you stay compliant with global data consent regulation. When users visit your website for the first time, they'll be presented with a clear summary of the different services that you share data with, and those that you allow to cookie your users.

An example of Consentry summarising all of the services that could be consented to. The blurring on the background is for illustrative purposes only.

Your users can accept or decline all of the services mentioned, or click on "Change this" to see a more detailed look of all of the services that you share data with.

Consentry automatically categorises your services, so that your users understand exactly where their data could be going, and how that will improve their experience. The blurring in the background is for illustrative purposes only.

After submitting their preferences, Consentry will automatically load Segment and all of the services that you have connected as destinations to which the user has consented.

Consentry remembers the services to which the user has consented in a 'Necessary' cookie on their machine. We don't store any identifying data on servers of our own.

We provide an interface for users to view and manage their consent preferences, and an API that allows you to show it at any time.


Installing Consentry is easy, and requires minimal customisation. First, if you haven't already, sign up for and configure your Segment account. Then, follow these detailed instructions to get Consentry live on your site in minutes.

Consentry comes with a two-week free trial, and uninstalling is just as easy as installing.

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